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"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but there inward significance". Aristotle

USA Artist Alice Barile

Alice Barile is a sensitive artist originated in Los Angeles, California who brings in her creations a strong, deep sense of aliveness and life force inviting the soul of the watcher to experience and embody different sort of emotions.

Movement, light, color, and all essential elements of the life itself permeate and animate all her creations. Structural abstract paintings with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics multidirectional to be seen through all your senses to constantly be surprised by their shadow/light effects and the light changing of the pigment used . Her paintings, like sculptures are mini universes merging and dancing in you.

Spain Artist Pilar-Perez Prado

Born in Asturias (Spain), soon moved to Madrid where she completed her studies in electrical engineering and music.

Passionate about geometry, she started to take pictures of what since then she called textures. A texture is a real image created from the repetition of a certain object. The visual effects that these repetitions produce, and how the nature of the object loses importance against the aesthetic setting, has always impressed her. Since then she is especially interested in reflecting through her painting how color combinations, geometric figures, volumes and textures are capable of expressing sensations by themselves.

Belonging to a new generation of talented artists who work in the field of geometric abstraction, her artworks have been exhibited throughout Europe and America, including NYC, Paris, London and Madrid.

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